Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

Spaziergang am Fluss- walk on the riverside

Hier finde ich meine Steine, hier finde ich Ruhe bei einem ausgedehnten Spaziergang.
Here I find my stones and here I enjoy the calm during a long walk.

Auch bei diesem Spaziergang habe ich natürlich was gefunden, dazu später mehr.
During this walk I found some things of course - I'll tell you about it later.
Habt eine gute Zeit - Have a good time.


  1. Hi Magdalena.Schön sind deine Spazierfotos tolle Aufnahmen.
    Deine Buchhüllen sehen Klasse aus.
    Schönes WE und liebe GRÜße Jana.

  2. When I saw your post title about a walk along the riverside, I couldn't click to read it fast enough. Loved the pictures of your river and the texture on the ones of the tree is awesome. Can't wait to see what else you found.

  3. hello Magdalena
    Such an interesting walk along the riverside.
    You've captured the essence of early Spring with the trees bare silhouettes.
    The branch shows the wonderful huge buds about to burst into bloom and new leaf!
    I hope you will walk back that way again once it is all in bloom!
    Shane ♥